I first became aware of Safflower and the service they provided at a Helen Gordon seminar. Patients like the convenience of the liquids for ease of compliance. The newer lids are not as good as the original lids but they are happy to have screw caps for when they need to transport their drops. The speedy service is greatly appreciated. With forward planning the late Thursday and Friday patients are manageable as well. The compliance of some patients has definitely increased with the ease of the liquids. Herbs can be very expensive and not successful when collecting dust on the kitchen bench. The 3-4 ml dosages means they collect dust a whole lot less and are therefore extremely successful AND effective. I perceive Safflower as a leader in innovative herbal dispensing. I feel cared for and well supported in the process of supplying a quality product to patients. The classical Shang Han Lun references on the templates help me in the clinic and it allows me more time to concentrate on being present in the clinical exchange with the patient.

De-Arne C Chinese Medicine PractitionerSouth Yarra VIC Australia