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Ordering & Products

Our dispensary service is for registered practitioners in Australia only. Practitioners choose our products & service because they no longer want to spend time on managing a herbal dispensary of their own. They might simply desire access to our unique liquid extract range that is not available in any other dispensary.

Once you registered an account, you can start ordering straight away. There are over 300 formula templates (TCM and classical) in the system already. The customization of formulas is attractive, as it allows to tailor to a patient accurately.


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Safflower is the only Australian-owned herbal dispensary service offering GMP manufactured liquid granulated extracts and creams.

With an extensive range of more than 600 products, we can create highly-customised prescriptions.

Download our Top 22 formula list: Top 22 formulas for practitioners FINAL.

Product quality and safety

Our product range is fully certified based on Australian (and European Union) regulations and guidelines and in strict compliance with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Each substance and finished product is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) which is the proof that the herbs are suitable for human consumption and medicines.

Liquid Extracts

  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective
  • Loved by children
  • Most accepted and tolerated herbal medicine in Australia
  • PET bottles (50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml)
  • manufactured from unrecycled PET and hence there is no risk of contamination with phthalates or other softening additives
  • Bottles are fitted with a dropper with a milliliter-calibration, making it easy for your client to measure the daily dosage
  • packed and sent in padded bags

Liquid extracts are manufactured by Conforma NV in Belgium and meet one of the highest GMP standards. Conforma NV also complies with ISO 13485:2003 and has Australian TGA GMP clearance.

  • dedicated manufacturer committed to innovative products and premium quality solutions
  • over 40 years of experience
  • continuous progress in producing premium quality herbal products

The 3 step manufacturing process:

  1. Maceration in ethanol-water solution.
  2. Concentration by evaporation (distillation).
  3. Filtration and addition of glycerine.

In the preparation of liquid extracts, great care is applied to protect active ingredients which is done by cold maceration. Laboratory results show that there is generally a higher concentration of active ingredients in the final products compared to water extracts.

The second step of distillation secures an optimal concentration and reduces alcohol content to below 5%.

The last step in the production of liquid extracts is the stabilisation which requires the addition of glycerine (also known as E422). The concentration factor (1:5) therefore remains the same for each and every single substance throughout every new batch.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent for short-term conditions
  • Highly customised
  • strong three-layer stand-up pouches (unrecycled PET/PE) with zip lock closures and hence there is no risk of contamination with phthalates or other softening additives
  • tamper evident seals
  • comes with a measuring spoon
  • packed and sent in envelopes or reinforced bags

Our granule range is supplied by Kaiser Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (KPC) exclusively. KPC’s new GMP plant is ISO 17025 accredited / ISO 9001:2000 certified and the world’s most advanced herbal processing facility.

  • Industry frontiers in the implementation of higher quality control standards for granule herbs
  • Strong track record of over 40 years in Taiwan and abroad.

Herbal Creams

  • Specifically compounded or standardized
  • Excellent for skin diseases and topical applications
  • Coconut oil base cream (paraffin-free)
  • Suitable for babies
  • strong, white polypropylene jars (50g, 100g, 250g, 400g)
  • fitted with a transparent caska-seal to prevent contact with the cream and assists in keeping the lid clean
  • packed and sent in padded bags

The composition of our creams is based on traditional recipes. To compound the creams, liquid extracts are carefully blended with the base cream to achieve a homogeneous and consistent product. We also used other substances like alum, Vitamin E, sulfur or beeswax. The creams are suitable for sensitive individuals and babies.

 Cream Indication Key

Condition Cream Condition Cream
Abscesses Jin Huang San Molluscum contagiosum Huang Lian Su Gao

San Huang Xi Ji

Acne San Huang Xi Ji

Dian Dao San

Hyperkeratosis Gan Cao You
Burns Huang Lian Su Gao Psoriasis Run Ji Gao
Callus Run Ji Gao Rhagades Yin Xie Bing Yu Ji Gao

Run Ji Gao

Carbuncles Jin Huang San Rosacea San Huang Xi Ji

Dian Dao San

Dermatitis Si Huang Gao

Dian Dao San

Huang Lian Su Gao

Ku Shen Tang Gao

Scabies Ku Shen Tang Gao
Eczema San Huang Xi Ji

Qing Dai Gao

Huang Lian Su Gao

Gan Cao You

Scars Ban He Gao
Erythroderma Gan Cao You Shingles Huang Lian Su Gao
Folliculitis San Huang Xi Ji

Si Huang Gao

Sunburn San Huang Xi Ji
Hyperkeratosisx Gan Cao You Tinea Ku Shen Tang Gao
Keratolysis Yin Xie Bing Yu Ji Gao Trichomoniasis She Chuang Zi San Gao
Lichen planus Ku Shen Tang Gao Vaginal discharge She Chuang Zi San Gao

Please note that this indication key is making suggestions on what cream formulas could be used. However, the best cream formula is chosen by assessing the presentation of the condition.

Supplier manufacturing processes

If you are particularly interested in the manufacturing processes used by any of our product suppliers, please feel free to contact us


All of our product and packaging suppliers have been carefully selected based on their experience, ethical principles and their approach to sustainability.

  • Eco-Friendly Sourcing:  The finest raw materials from Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) farms are sourced to ensure that herbal species are protected, harvestable, and not endangered. This allows for sustainability and the continued use of natural resources.
  • Green Building Certification: Biotanico received the green building certificate in 2009. This certification ensures that the building is energy-saving, eco-friendly, and low in emissions.
  • CITES Certification: With limited resources, animals and plants must be protected. All species under threat are obtained from cultivated sources only.
  • For our granule range, KPC practices responsible recycling and reduces material waste to help protect resources for future generations.
  • All packaging materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.

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