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Why Chinese Medicine Practitioners are Choosing Safflower Over Having a Dispensary of Their Own

Safflower is the leading Australian-owned licensed dispensary in Australia, offering you customized premium quality formulas at affordable prices. As practitioners ourselves, our service is purposely designed to make herbal dispensing easy, effective and successful for you.

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Safflower is the largest licensed Australian-owned dispensary in Australia.

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What people say about us

“I was lucky enough to meet Brigitte and Hans many years ago at an AACMA conference. I was still a TCM student but tried a few different liquid extracts and loved them. As soon as I started practicing I started using their service for all my herbal patients. They all seem to love them and are very compliant with taking them because they are so easy. They always work really well and patients will remain on them and always re-order because of their convenience and efficacy.

I always try to use herbs where possible because know they work amazingly combined with acupuncture – herbs = quicker and better results. So when I see patients fell better or get the results they want after taking them: “I know the herbs are having a direct positive effect”, Patients generally comment that they ‘feel good’ on them too.

Safflower are leaps and bounds above the rest – a one of a kind in our industry and such a help for practitioners who don’t have the space/time/money to have their own dispensary, but know the importance of herbal medicine within TCM. I still use patent capsules and pills but more often than not use Safflower instead as I love to be able to alter and modify a formula, which helps to get better results.

I feel very comfortable using Safflower and know their herbs are of the best quality which means they are safer (and of course more effective). Me having such faith and trust in their company means my patients can trust them too, without question which is very important. I can also trust they will always get sent on time, with ease and straight to the patients door, and know that should I need help at any time, they are always there. Being a sole practitioner and never having a mentor to learn form since I graduated, I have found the Safflower team to be my lifeline when building herbal formulas as initially it can be very daunting. So thank you Safflower 🙂”

Carla B

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Adelaide SA Australia

“I first heard about Safflower as a student at UTS. Since starting my own practice, I have found Safflower to be incredibly helpful. I can prescribe whichever formula I like without having to worry about the bother and expense of stocking my own herbal dispensary.

The number of formulas and herbs that I utilise has expanded exponentially because I’m not restricted to using the same old patents over and over again. I’ve found my clinical efficacy to have increased accordingly.

My patients love how efficient the process is and how quickly their herbs reach them. Brigitte and her team are also exceptionally helpful whenever I have a herb or process query and have helped me with a tricky question on multiple occasions. They are a complete boon and I don’t think I could work without the Safflower dispensary now.”

Rebecca M

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
South Hobart SA Australia

“When arriving in Sydney and setting up my practice I was looking for the most efficient way of providing patients with the best quality herbs I could find. I tried a few companies and found Safflower provided the best service. I haven’t felt the inclination to set up my own dispensary because the ease of use, product quality and breadth of resources, outweigh the cost. Any issues that have arisen over the years they’ve been wonderful at resolving swiftly. It’s been 7 years and I’m still using Safflower!”

Sylvie P

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,

Sydney NSW Australia


“I found Safflower through word of mouth. I was going to start practising at a clinic without dispensary and quite a few practitioner friends recommended Safflower. It seemed that everyone was quite satisfied!

My patients have always been quite happy with the standard and the quality of Safflower products. These have ranged from granulated herb extracts to creams and I have never received a complaint about the quality of the product or presentation. Furthermore, patients find the packaging quite handy as they can carry the products with them wherever they go.

I feel that Safflower has been indispensable in my clinic success. My practice is varied and complex, and as such it requires a great variety of herbal strategies. Thanks to Safflower I am able to access a wide variety of herbs, which is indispensable in a clinic that deals with chronic gut issues, chronic infections and CFS.

A company like Safflower creates great opportunities for practitioners that do not want the hassle of having their own dispensary, but still want to have great results and provide a high quality product.

Safflower makes me feel quite comfortable and secure as I know that my patients will always be well covered and satisfied. I feel that I can always count with the great team that makes Safflower.”

Oscar M

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Melbourne VIC Australia


“Safflower has really enabled me to free up my finances and time in the clinic. I found that I was always throwing out expired herbs that I wasn’t using much, and once I moved my clinic to the city, I didn’t have the space for hundreds of bottles. The other thing is they have a full dispensary. In the back of my mind I know I can prescribe any formula in full that the patient needs, because it’s all there, no need to compromise. On top of that, these guys are so reliable I know my formula is going to make it to my patient with the correct herb and dose on time.”

Chris E

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Melbourne VIC Australia


“I primarily provide granules and liquids supplied by Safflower. I like the fact that I can individualise the formula and also the convenience of outsourcing my dispensary. By utilising Safflower it means that I have more time to see patients (as I don’t have to make up herbs myself), and it also helps to reduce time and costs in maintaining a dispensary. I also find the quality to be really good and they are easy for the patient to take, particularly liquid extracts, which increases compliance.”

Daniel S

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Emerald VIC Australia


“I first tried Safflower liquid formulas for their ease and compliance with children. Since starting my new clinic space, I use Safflower as my main remote herbal dispensary. Safflower allows me access to a wide range of herbs, multiple options for patients including granules, liquid and topical herbal creams and frees up the time and money it takes to manage, maintain and operate a dispensary. The Safflower team are super reliable, their website is easy to use and the herbs usually arrive within 2 business days.”

Rachael H

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
North Bondi NSW Australia


“I first came to hear of Safflower through Helen Gordon at a paediatric seminar. She used them a lot and highly rated them. Since she was so well respected and treated kids day in day out, that was enough for me. Sold! I started up an account so I too could easily and quickly dispense liquids and she was right. It was so easy for parents to use them and kids took them no problem. When Safflower introduced their granule range I started using those too for adults. For me it’s convenient, reliable, easy to make an order and I know I have help on the other end of the line if there’s a problem with anything. Hans and Brigitte have always been there. I feel more supported and more at ease knowing Safflower has my back. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Rebecca M Y

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Bondi Beach NSW Australia


” I have been a dedicated customer of Safflower for many years. Brigitte and Hans provide both great service and high quality products. They are always available to answer any questions. I find my patients really appreciate having their herbs delivered to the door and are compliant in taking them. I really appreciate having access to a wide range of herbs that is managed and maintained on my behalf.”

Philippa Y

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Marshall VIC Australia


“I first came across Safflower in 2010 and at first I didn’t see the benefit. I could had my own
dispensary and could make better margins. Now I get it. It saves me time in managing a dispensary
saves me on out of date stock, and making up formulas meaning I get more time with clients.
My clients are happy as they know that their herbs have had significant testing to ensure no
pesticides, herbicides, adulterants or heavy metals. The process has been made seamless with
their online ordering system meaning my practice runs more smoothly. Everyone wins.”

Jeff S

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Newcastle NSW Australia


” I have used Safflower for some years now and have found their dispensary service EXCEPTIONAL! The products are of high quality. Delivery is ultra efficient. Their team is a dream to deal with. And it actually saves money from a business perspective because I no longer have to stock the herbs! I cannot recommend Safflower highly enough!”

Winnie L

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Sydney NSW Australia


“I have been using Safflower as my herbal dispenser since 2014, they came highly recommended by another colleague. The team at Safflower are knowledgeable and very passionate about their industry, their customer service is five star.

My clients are very happy with the quality and the timely manner their herbal prescription is delivered right to their door, with clear instructions on how take the herbs and clear labeling of the herbal ingredients.

The easy online ordering, frees up my time to concentrate on my clients and general running of the business and I don’t have to worry about the expense of purchasing or storing herbs.”

Jacqui B

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Heidelberg VIC Australia

“I first discovered Safflowers magic when working in a fertility clinic in South Yarra 6 yrs ago. I was the office manager and ordering herbs online for the client base was so simple for me to use; fast forward to now and I am a practitioner who benefits from the incredible software that Safflowers uses now.

My clients love the herbs from Safflower and find them incredibly easy to use. Compliance rates are through the roof; I might even suggest close to 100%, due to the liquid formulae that I am sending out weekly. This means we are seeing great changes in people’s health.

 I could not put $40,000 worth of herbs on my shelf and survive the financial disaster I would create for myself. Expiry of seldom selected herbs alone would make it unmanageable. However, with herbal dispensers like Safflower, I can select basically any formula I desire for my client’s recovery without the worry of not holding those herbs.

 Knowing that Safflower is TGA approved I feel comfortable prescribing any of their high-quality products, granules, creams, or liquids for my clients with the understanding that they will be safe from harm. Along with advice just a phone call away for modifications or advanced herbal knowledge. The support I receive from Safflower goes above and beyond their call of duty.”

Andrew M

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Birregurra VIC Australia

“I first came to use Safflower when I started up my Chinese Medicine business because I was not yet prepared to invest and stock a herbal pharmacy.  I had tried other online ordering services, but the experience was not the same.  Brigitte and Hans made it very personalised and they are always willing to offer advice.  The team is approachable and their knowledge and experience as practitioners and herbal dispensers gave me a lot of confidence in their products and the support that they offered.  This is the main reason that I now use Safflower exclusively in my clinic.

My patients love the fact that they are getting a personalised herbal prescription that arrives at their front door the following day.    Having a choice between herbal granules and the concentrated herbal extracts offers my patients some choices based on what suits their lifestyle.  I believe it gives them a confidence in the medicine that is based on the relationship that has been developed between the practitioner and the dispensary.  This confidence translates into a stronger relationship between myself and my patients, enhancing compliance in taking the herbs and ultimately improved health and well being for each of them.

From a business perspective, the bottom line for me is that using Safflowers online ordering service is a cost effective way of making herbal medicine a part of a patient’s health care plan.  The online ordering system is clear and straightforward to use which frees up a lot of time to remain focused on caring for my patients.

The Safflower team, their vision/ethos comes from a deep connection to their work and that flows onto the services that they provide.  It’s palpable and that really resonates with me.”

Andrew O

Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Sale VIC Australia

“The dispensary is a great convenient tool to order and use with our clinics and practitioners, service is always fast, prompt and helpful with substitutions if needed. Your service is honestly fantastic and I always look forward to the pleasure to deal with you.”

Team at Tyler H Clinic

Ararat VIC Australia

“With two clinics in different states having an easy to dispense herbal system makes life much easier. It gives me the flexibility to order and deliver herbs no matter where I am and compliance is so much higher with the liquid herbs which means results are more consistent with patients. Brigitte is always quick when I need help with tracking, replacing herbs if needed and has been able to help me amend herbs when not in stock which add value to the work they do for me and my clinic .”

Peter M

Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Melbourne & Gold Coast Australia

“As an acupuncturist of more than 20 years and trained only in patent Chinese Herbal Medicines, I have become very aware over the years of the limitations of patents.

In early 2018 I became aware of the Safflower dispensary through an ad in a trade journal and started to use their products.

I have always found their service to be impeccable and their delivery arrangements to here in Far North Queensland very reliable.

Their pricing means that I am still able to achieve a significant profit from mark-up and the Safflower herbs are not much more expensive to my patients than patent formulae.

But most importantly, I love the results that my patients get with Safflower herbs, and my own herbal knowledge has increased significantly from searching for the right formula and appropriate modifications.

Brigitte Linder has always been available and happy to help me, an acupuncturist, with advice on herbal understandings and suggested modifications to what I am thinking to prescribe.

In short, love the service, pricing, and support that I get from Brigitte and her Safflower staff. It has taken my herbal prescribing to a whole new level.”

John M

Chinese Medicine practitioner

Port Douglas QLD Australia

“I was introduced to Safflower in the final year of my university studies. Brigitte is wonderfully helpful and I was able to set up my Safflower account with ease. My patients love the service; their herbs arrive promptly, are packaged professionally and meet the highest quality and safety standards. I have found the liquid herbal extracts to be very popular among patients who typically struggle to take herbal medicine. I have also had excellent patient feedback about the custom creams that I have prescribed for both paediatric and adult skin conditions.

Safflower allows me to be more time efficient in the clinic, and as a practitioner, I find it exciting to be able to prescribe formulas using such a wide variety of Chinese herbs. Safflower dispensing eliminates the risk associated with holding a large dispensary of stock. I know this service has been critical in the growth of my business and I highly recommend safflower to other Chinese medicine practitioners around Australia.

Jess B

Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Glen Iris VIC Australia

How did you first come to discover our service?
I first heard about Safflower through a fellow practitioner many years ago before I needed your service, once I started offering virtual consultations for my patients I knew it would be a perfect option for my business.
How do your patients perceive our products and service?
My patients find Safflower products very easy to use and the whole process very seamless. How does using our products and service impact on your clinic success? Using Safflower helps make my business possible. I work with patients both locally and all over Australia and being able to continue their treatment plans no matter if it’s in person or virtually makes running my business so much easier.
How do you perceive our company in our industry?
Professional, prompt and very easy to use service.
How do we make you feel? Grateful that a company like you exists! ”

Lauren C

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Melbourne VIC Australia

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FAQs & Other Resources

Learn How it Works!
Are liquid extracts more expensive than other forms of herbs?

No, they compare with the prices of other customized herbs. Express postage comes at a flat rate for parcels and is the same rate for granulated extracts as well; only standard postage for granules is lower. If you have an account with us, please consult the dashboard of the order system for actual pricing.

Are the herbs safe to take?

We only use premium ingredients that meet highest standards, are thoroughly tested and are perfectly safe to take. If you have any allergies or want to fall pregnant, please inform your practitioner.

As a patient can I order directly from Safflower?

No, Safflower is a practitioner only service. All our practitioners are registered with the Chinese medicine registration board, the same board that also registered doctors and other allied health practitioners.

Can I get help in ordering creams or modifying a formula for my patient’s needs?

Yes, our team is always happy to help you – please email us or call us

Can I make more money with running my own dispensary?

This question is not easily answered. It depends on the set up, the resources that are available, your focus and the type of herbs you are wanting to work with.

Can I take herbs whilst I am breastfeeding?

If you are intending to take Chinese herbal medicine, please talk to your trusted practitioner about what herbs are safe to take.

To Our Valued Chinese Medicine Practitioners

We are hoping to be back very soon as soon as our GMP license application is approved (anytime within 3 months), but we will keep you posted.

          Please email if you require further information, and we will get back to you within the week.