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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are liquid extracts more expensive than other forms of herbs?

No, they compare with the prices of other customised herbs. Express postage comes at a flat rate for parcels and is the same rate for granulated extracts as well. If you have an account with us, please consult the dashboard of the order system for actual pricing.

Are the herbs safe to take?

We only use premium ingredients that meet highest standards, are thoroughly tested and are perfectly safe to take. If you have any allergies, want to fall pregnant or are currently pregnant, please inform your practitioner.

As a patient can I order directly from Safflower?

No, Safflower is a practitioner only service. All our practitioners are registered in their respective countries. In Australia, this is the Chinese Medicine Registration Board

Do you ship to New Zealand or overseas?

Yes, we do ship to New Zealand, UK & Ireland, USA & Canada. We can ship to other countries too, please contact us to set this up. 

How fast are the orders delivered?

If you place your order before 1.30pm (AEST/AEDT), your order will be shipped the same day. Express post parcels in Australia will be delivered the next business day (major cities and metro) in most cases, but depending on COVID19, there might be slight disruptions.

All international parcels to UK, Ireland, USA & Canada are shipped by Standard International Post. New Zealand is shipped via Australia Post with international Express.  

Is there a minimal amount that I have to order?

No, we can dispense one order per month for you or 10 orders a day. The minimal amount for granules is 25g.

What bottle sizes are available for the liquid extracts?

Liquid extracts come in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 500ml bottles.

What is the alcohol content of the liquid extracts?

The alcohol content is less than 5%. They are safe for children. They are not safe for someone with an ethanol allergy.

What jar sizes are available for creams?

Our creams are packed in strong, white polypropylene (PP) jars. Available sizes are: 50g, 100g, 250g, 400g.

What’s the difference between tinctures and liquid extracts?

Tinctures are a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. The initial manufacturing step of liquid extracts encompasses the same process but they undergo an initial step which is distillation. Distillation will remove over 95% of the alcohol and hence, the alcohol content of liquid extracts is below 5%.

Can I get help in ordering creams or modifying a formula for my patient’s needs?

Yes, our team is always happy to help you – please email us or call us

Can I make more money with running my own dispensary?

This question is not easily answered. It depends on the set up, the resources that are available, your focus and the type of herbs you are wanting to work with.

Can I take herbs whilst I am breastfeeding?

If you are intending to take Chinese herbal medicine, please talk to your trusted practitioner about what herbs are safe to take.

How do I know the order has been dispatched?

Once the order has been dispatched you will receive a confirmation-email form us (Order Shipped). You can monitor the status of your orders in the menu “Orders” (confirmed – pending – prepared – released – paid – shipped). We are currently working on the Australia Post API integration with our ordering platform. 

How secure are my details when ordering online?

A dedicated server provides the highest security standards (SSL/HTTPS). Your credit card details are not stored in the application itself. All payments are processed with Merchant Warrior, a dedicated (Level 1 PCI Compliant) online payment facility, because nothing is more important to us than keeping your data safe and secure.

My patient has not received their herbs

Check the delivery address first. If it was sent Express post, we can track it and let you know where the parcel currently is. Soon, you will be able to look up the status of your herb parcels in the ordering system. 

What do liquid extracts taste like?

They are slightly sweet in taste and have a great compliance!

What is the concentration factor of the liquid extracts?

The concentration factor is consistent 5:1.

Who pays for the order?

The practitioner pays Safflower directly by credit card. The patient will be invoiced by the practitioner. We never invoice a patient or disclose prices.

To Our Valued Chinese Medicine Practitioners

We are hoping to be back very soon as soon as our GMP license application is approved (anytime within 3 months), but we will keep you posted.

          Please email info@safflower.com.au if you require further information, and we will get back to you within the week.