Oscar M

I found Safflower through word of mouth. I was going to start practising at a clinic without dispensary and quite a few practitioner friends recommended Safflower. It seemed that everyone was quite satisfied!

My patients have always been quite happy with the standard and the quality of Safflower products. These have ranged from granulated herb extracts to creams and I have never received a complaint about the quality of the product or presentation. Furthermore, patients find the packaging quite handy as they can carry the products with them wherever they go.

I feel that Safflower has been indispensable in my clinic success. My practice is varied and complex, and as such it requires a great variety of herbal strategies. Thanks to Safflower I am able to access a wide variety of herbs, which is indispensable in a clinic that deals with chronic gut issues, chronic infections and CFS.

A company like Safflower creates great opportunities for practitioners that do not want the hassle of having their own dispensary, but still want to have great results and provide a high quality product.

Safflower makes me feel quite comfortable and secure as I know that my patients will always be well covered and satisfied. I feel that I can always count with the great team that makes Safflower.

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