Lauren C

How did you first come to discover our service?

I first heard about Safflower through a fellow practitioner many years ago before I needed your service, once I started offering virtual consultations for my patients I knew it would be a perfect option for my business.

How do your patients perceive our products and service?

My patients find Safflower products very easy to use and the whole process very seamless. How does using our products and service impact on your clinic success? Using Safflower helps make my business possible. I work with patients both locally and all over Australia and being able to continue their treatment plans no matter if it’s in person or virtually makes running my business so much easier.

How do you perceive our company in our industry?

Professional, prompt and very easy to use service.
How do we make you feel? Grateful that a company like you exists!

To Our Valued Chinese Medicine Practitioners

We are hoping to be back very soon as soon as our GMP license application is approved (anytime within 3 months), but we will keep you posted.

          Please email if you require further information, and we will get back to you within the week.