John M

As an acupuncturist of more than 20 years and trained only in patent Chinese Herbal Medicines, I have become very aware over the years of the limitations of patents.
In early 2018 I became aware of the Safflower dispensary through an ad in a trade journal and started to use their products.

I have always found their service to be impeccable and their delivery arrangements to here in Far North Queensland very reliable.

Their pricing means that I am still able to achieve a significant profit from mark-up and the Safflower herbs are not much more expensive to my patients than patent formulae.

But most importantly, I love the results that my patients get with Safflower herbs, and my own herbal knowledge has increased significantly from searching for the right formula and appropriate modifications.

Brigitte Linder has always been available and happy to help me, an acupuncturist, with advice on herbal understandings and suggested modifications to what I am thinking to prescribe.

In short, love the service, pricing, and support that I get from Brigitte and her Safflower staff. It has taken my herbal prescribing to a whole new level.

To Our Valued Chinese Medicine Practitioners

We are hoping to be back very soon as soon as our GMP license application is approved (anytime within 3 months), but we will keep you posted.

          Please email if you require further information, and we will get back to you within the week.