Jess B

I was introduced to Safflower in the final year of my university studies. Brigitte is wonderfully helpful and I was able to set up my Safflower account with ease. My patients love the service; their herbs arrive promptly, are packaged professionally and meet the highest quality and safety standards. I have found the liquid herbal extracts to be very popular among patients who typically struggle to take herbal medicine. I have also had excellent patient feedback about the custom creams that I have prescribed for both paediatric and adult skin conditions.

Safflower allows me to be more time efficient in the clinic, and as a practitioner, I find it exciting to be able to prescribe formulas using such a wide variety of Chinese herbs. Safflower dispensing eliminates the risk associated with holding a large dispensary of stock. I know this service has been critical in the growth of my business and I highly recommend safflower to other Chinese medicine practitioners around Australia.

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