Carla B

I was lucky enough to meet Brigitte and Hans many years ago at an AACMA conference. I was still a TCM student but tried a few different liquid extracts and loved them. As soon as I started practicing I started using their service for all my herbal patients. They all seem to love them and are very compliant with taking them because they are so easy. They always work really well and patients will remain on them and always re-order because of their convenience and efficacy.

I always try to use herbs where possible because know they work amazingly combined with acupuncture – herbs = quicker and better results. So when I see patients fell better or get the results they want after taking them: “I know the herbs are having a direct positive effect”, Patients generally comment that they ‘feel good’ on them too.

Safflower are leaps and bounds above the rest – a one of a kind in our industry and such a help for practitioners who don’t have the space/time/money to have their own dispensary, but know the importance of herbal medicine within TCM. I still use patent capsules and pills but more often than not use Safflower instead as I love to be able to alter and modify a formula, which helps to get better results.

I feel very comfortable using Safflower and know their herbs are of the best quality which means they are safer (and of course more effective). Me having such faith and trust in their company means my patients can trust them too, without question which is very important. I can also trust they will always get sent on time, with ease and straight to the patients door, and know that should I need help at any time, they are always there. Being a sole practitioner and never having a mentor to learn form since I graduated, I have found the Safflower team to be my lifeline when building herbal formulas as initially it can be very daunting. So thank you Safflower.

To Our Valued Chinese Medicine Practitioners

The time to say goodbye has come: Safflower will close at 3.00 pm on 30th June 2023
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