Andrew M

I first discovered Safflowers magic when working in a fertility clinic in South Yarra 6 yrs ago. I was the office manager and ordering herbs online for the client base was so simple for me to use; fast forward to now and I am a practitioner who benefits from the incredible software that Safflowers uses now.

My clients love the herbs from Safflower and find them incredibly easy to use. Compliance rates are through the roof; I might even suggest close to 100%, due to the liquid formulae that I am sending out weekly. This means we are seeing great changes in people’s health.

I could not put $40,000 worth of herbs on my shelf and survive the financial disaster I would create for myself. Expiry of seldom selected herbs alone would make it unmanageable. However, with herbal dispensers like Safflower, I can select basically any formula I desire for my client’s recovery without the worry of not holding those herbs.

Knowing that Safflower is TGA approved I feel comfortable prescribing any of their high-quality products, granules, creams, or liquids for my clients with the understanding that they will be safe from harm. Along with advice just a phone call away for modifications or advanced herbal knowledge. The support I receive from Safflower goes above and beyond their call of duty.

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