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November 30, 2012

The inaugural Chinese Medicine Board of Australia was announced several years ago and has been regulating our profession (Acupuncture, Chinese herbal Medicine and Chinese herbal dispensing) since July 2012.

Up until June this year, Chinese Medicine practitioners were only registered with the Chinese Medicine registration board in Victoria.

The functions of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia include:

  • developing standards, codes and guidelines for the Chinese Medicine profession
  • approving accreditation standards and accredited courses of study
  • registering Chinese Medicine practitioners and students
  • handling notifications, complaints, investigations and disciplinary hearings
  • assessing overseas trained practitioners who wish to practise in Australia

As a professional dispensary, promoting our herbal dispensary service around Australia required our dispensers registering with the board. And as registered dispensers, we need to comply with standards and guidelines of the CMRBA.

Our daily practice succeeds the standards or guidelines because with each herb that we dispense, we know exactly which batch it came from, the results of the tests conducted and the origins of the raw herbs. This information is stored with each script and we can access the information anytime.

We feel it’s an enormous advantage for the Chinese Medicine profession to have our own board, it has automatically raised the standard of practice and due to the compulsory professional development, it also means, that no one stays behind.

You can access the board’s comprehensive website.

Image courtesy of Kittisak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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