What Do Practitioners Say About Herbal Dispensing?

May 12, 2012

In preparation of the AACMAC (Australian Asian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Conference), we are compiling data from our survey on herbal dispensing and how it’s done in various countries and practices. It’s certainly interesting to see how some themes are specifically affecting the practice of dispensing in numerous countries.

There are certainly several points that stand out for practitioner who self dispense:

  • Accessibility to restricted herbs which are restricted and the frustration that goes with it
  • Accessibility to the right herbs in the right form and quality
  • Quality of herbs and how a practitioner can make sure that they do dispense a quality product when customising their formulas
  • Legal issues and grey areas

We have also asked these practitioners what a perfect scenario would include for them in their individual and encouraged them to tell us their predictions for the future of herbal practice/herbal dispensing.

The results will be revealed at the conference that takes place in Brisbane from 25th – 27th May 2012. For details go to AACMA’s website.

Looking forward to be meet you there!



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