Summer Heat and Bush Fire Formulas

December 3, 2019

Bushfires are a natural occurrence in Australia and assist regeneration. Fires are an essential and integral part of the Australian ecology. In recent years, weather patterns have changed significantly and this year, the fire season has started prematurely and even before the official start of summer. This is very discerning and severe and extreme weather patterns are a sign of world warming. It affects us, our environment and the future of this planet ruthlessly.   

The time of summer and the accompanying heat has always played an important role in the classical literature of Chinese medicine. Summer heat is part of the concept of the six Qi. It’s based on the theory that environmental conditions affect the function of our bodies.

When the weather is seasonable and we dress and behave accordingly, the influence of the six qi is supportive but when the environment is unseasonable or becomes extreme, it adversely affects the balance of our physicality’s.

At the time of writing this article, there are still 120 bush and grassfires raging the state of New South Wales. They cause intense conditions for all inhabitants and extreme smoke in areas close by. You might find the following table on summer heat formula useful to assist your patients affected by the extreme conditions.

There are different sections on the summer heat chapter of Formulas & Strategies, 2nd edition. This variety of formulas reflects that we are all different and unique and external patterns interact with what’s present before it affects us. Naturally some individuals will have a drier internal environment, others have a prevalence of dampness.

We would love to hear how you apply them and how they work for you.

CategoryFormula NameActionIngredients
Dispel summer heat and clear heatQing Luo Yin Resolves summer heat and clears lungs.   Mild summer heat affecting the qi level of the lung channel. Jin Yin Hua
Bain Dou Hua
Xi Gua
Si Gua Luo
He Ze
Dan Zhu Ye
Dispel summer heat and resolve the exteriorXiang Ru San Releases the exterior, scatters cold, transforms dampness, and harmonises the middle burner.   Exterior cold with interior dampness contracted in the summer. Xiang Ru
Chao Bian Dou Jiang Hou Po
 Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin Dispels summer heat, releases the exterior, clears heat and transforms dampness.   Severe, early-stage summer heat in the Taiyin with superimposed cold in the exterior.    Xiang Ru
Bian Dou Hua Bian Dou
Hou Po
Jin Yin Hua
Lian Qiao
Dispel summer heat and facilitate the resolution of dampnessLiu Yi San Clears summer heat, resolves dampness, and augments the qi.   Summer heat with dampness in the interior. Hua Shi
Gan Cao or
Zhi Gan Cao
 Gui Ling Gan Lu Yin Expels summer heat, clears heat, transforms the qi, and promotes the resolution of dampness.  
Summer heat with internal stagnation of water and dampness.  
Hua Shi
Zhi Gan Cao
Shi Gao
Han Shui Shi
Rou Gui
Zhu Ling
Fu Ling
Ze Xie
Bai Zhu
Dispel summer heat and augment the qi Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang Clears summer heat, augments the qi, nourishes the yin and generates fluids.   Summer heat injuring the qi and the fluids. Xi Yang Shen
Xi Gua
Liang Geng
Shi Hu
Mai Men Dong Dan Zhu Ye
Zhi Mu
Huang Lian Gan Cao
Jing Mi
Dispels summer heat and preserve the body fluidsWu Shi Lian Mei Tang Drains heat, preserves fluids and transforms yin.  
Summer heat entering the Taiyin and Shaoyin.
Huang Lian Wu Mei
Mai Men Dong Sheng Di Huang
E Jiao


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