E Jiao or a Jiao Heavy Metal Contamination

April 30, 2012

High contamination of E Jiao In Australia, raw herbs (that need decocting) are considered as foods and hence don’t undergo strict controls and quality assurance routines. This can be problematic as these raw materials can be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, enterobacteria, mould  (and metabolic waste products from mould formation) and the likes.

It’s therefore important to choose a supplier that has high quality standards and has an excellent knowledge of herbs that do tend to have higher contamination potentials.

As an example: E Jiao or A Jiao

Donkey-hide gelatin or ass-hide glue (colla corii asini) is gelatin obtained from the skin of the donkey (equus asinus) by soaking and stewing.


It is used in Chinese medicine to replenish the blood; it stops bleeding and also nourishes the Yin.With these qualities, the herb is highly popular in Gynecology.

 If you consider that China has one of the worst air quality on this planet you are able to imagine that the skin of the donkeys used to produce E Jiao or A Jiao are highly contaminated with lead!

From our perspective it’s best not to administer or prescribe E Jiao or A Jiao in its raw form but perhaps  use granulated extract supplier that conducts the necessary testing on the raw materials as well as the the finished products.  

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