Can I Order Products From Safflower as a Registered Acupuncturist in Australia or New Zealand?

April 14, 2018


As registered acupuncturists in Australia or New Zealand, we can provide you with our premium products. If you are currently using patents and know the name of the formula that you prescribe and give to your patients, you can tap into our dispensary service too. Our online ordering platform stores around 350 classical formula templates. These templates are composed from the following sources:
Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue and Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas & Strategies.

So, if you know what classical formula to provide your patient with, you can order it! You have a choice of liquid extracts or granules. We also supply a range of creams for various conditions of the skin.

Important to Know

To have access to our online ordering system, you will need to register an account first. As the ordering is composed as an online prescription system, you need to be familiar with computers. It’s easy to find your bearings with it, once you watched the 5-minute introduction to place an order.

Importantly, each formula is associated with your patient and not with the clinic. So, that’s the difference to order from your wholesale suppliers. Each formula is also carefully made up for your patient and hence, there is scope to modify the ingredients. This is one of the features that is much loved by our practitioners. Use a classical formula but modify to suit the patient’s constitution.

You will know what we mean, when you watch the video.

Having access to our products and our outstanding service will add scope to your practice. Every order received before 1.30pm, will be posted by Australia Post Express parcel on that same day. Your patient can expect the medicines within 48 hours.

Price Comparison with Patents

If you want to give your patient a proper dosage, you need to give them more than what the indication are on the packet. The dosage instructions are meant to be save (so they can be sold over the counter). But they are not necessarily a therapeutic dosage. You will see that when you compare with the raw herb dosages of decoctions. Patents are given in mg (milligrams), raw herbs are given in grams. There is a big difference. Looking at prices of patents with a therapeutic dose makes them a lot more expensive than tailored liquid extract or granule formulas.

Register Now

First step, you need to register an account and provide us with your details, including your AHPRA number. Once your account is activated you are ready to go.

Placing Your First Order

We are happy to assist you with your first order, once you watched the video. You can then track the status of your orders and know exactly where it is at.

Charging for the Herbs

Safflower will charge your credit card each time an order has been prepared. It’s up to you to work out prices for your patients. It’s also important to remember that we will charge you for postage, so you either must charge that separately or add it to the retail price.
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