Artificial Intelligence (AI) and TCM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and TCM

AI is Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now and a rapidly growing area. ChatGPT (a language tool) attracted over one million users in the first five days after it launched and has since provided several updates and extensions. How does AI fit in...
Sinusitis –  A Common Complaint

Sinusitis – A Common Complaint

Acute and Chronic Sinusitis?  Acute and chronic sinusitis are inflammatory conditions affecting the paranasal sinuses, commonly caused by viral infections, bacterial infections, or allergies. Acute sinusitis typically lasts less than four weeks and is often triggered...

To Our Valued Chinese Medicine Practitioners

We are hoping to be back very soon as soon as our GMP license application is approved (anytime within 3 months), but we will keep you posted.

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