Potential Toxins and DNA of Endangered Animals in TCM Products

April 19, 2012

You must have heard that researchers from Murdoch University in Australia detected potential toxins in powers, tablets, capsules, flakes and herbal teas used in traditional Chinese medicine. They also found the DNA of endangered animals.

This is unfortunate because this news has been published at a time where we are trying to get access to scheduled herbs (Fu Zi, Ma Huang, Ban Bian Lian) and have been ridiculed by a group of scientist and researchers called friends of science. Friends of science have made it their focus to stop Australian Universities from teaching complementary disciplines including Acupuncture and Herbal medicines.

To protect yourself from unwanted harm from products that have been labelled incorrectly or contain undeclared ingredients, find a dispenser/practitioner/supplier that has high quality (and ethical) standards. This can mean, that some products are not available, exactly because they are endangered or are contaminated (heavy metals, Aflatoxins, Pesticides, Enterobacteria, etc.)

Do not order products online from questionable sources, especially when these sources advertise doubtful super cures. Don’t be tempted to fall into their traps.

A professional Chinese medicine practitioner is registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board in Victoria or the National Registration Board (from 1st of July) and/or is a member of a reputable professional organisation. They will never prescribe or dispense herbs from suspicious sources and is aware of substances that are endangered (CITES) or products that are prohibited on the Australian market.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more details about animals in TCM products.



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