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Are Chinese herbs performance enhancing?

I recently had an email exchange with Dr Subhuti Dharmananda from the Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portland Oregon about the topic of ‘performance enhancing’ herbs. The conversation was inspired by one of our practitioners who is treating athletes in her clinic. I did some research and found the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority:  https://www.asada.gov.au/substances […]


Summer heat & bush fire formulas

Bushfires are a natural occurrence in Australia and assist regeneration. Fires are an essential and integral part of the Australian ecology. In recent years, weather patterns have changed significantly and this year, the fire season has started prematurely and even before the official start of summer. This is very discerning and severe and extreme weather […]


Post-partum conditions and classical formulas

As Chinese medicine practitioners we support fertility and pregnancy with a lot of time, dedication and attention. After the baby has been born, the focus shifts to the infant and the mother tends to be overlooked. Chapter 21 of the Jin Gui Yao Lue (Essential prescriptions of the Golden Cabinet – 金 匱要略) is dedicated […]


Classical formulas for menopausal hot flushes

Hot flushes are experienced by about 70% of women undergoing menopause. Fluctuating amounts of estrogen upset the temperature thermostat and the brain signals that the body is too hot which results in opening of pores and, hence sweating. Hot flushes are often the most bothersome symptom of the ‘change of life’. There are many factors […]


Explaining how Chinese herbs work to consumers

As Chinese medicine practitioners, we have experienced a unique calling to be working in our outstanding modality. First and foremost, we want to assist people feeling better, more vibrant, more fertile, more connected, more energetic and else. We really want them to experience optimal health in the most natural way. As part of using acupuncture, […]


Turtle and animal products in Chinese medicine

There are two turtle products available in granules from KPC: Gui Ban (Testudinis Plastrum), the shell of the freshwater turtle. Gui Ban (if taken from the wild) is under protection and requires a CITES certificate. It’s salty, sweet and cold and particularly used to nourish the yin and anchor the yang. It also benefits the […]


Can I order products from Safflower as a registered Acupuncturist in Australia or New Zealand?

Yes, you can. As registered acupuncturists in Australia or New Zealand, we can provide you with our premium products. If you are currently using patents and know the name of the formula that you prescribe and give to your patients, you can tap into our dispensary service too. Our online ordering platform stores around 350 […]


Finding the perfect supplier for you – A partnership based on vision, values and mission

Our compounding dispensary is a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) licensed operation. It’s based on a quality management system called Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It’s a complex and involved system of standard operating procedures, logbooks, forms, training manuals and supplier profiling. The TGA inspectors recently visited the premises, spending two days forensically looking over documents, questioning […]


E Jiao – Donkey hide gelatine – A Must or a No?

E Jiao is commonly used animal product in Chinese medicine. Its main action and application is to tonify and nourish the blood and to stop bleeding. As it’s cloying and heavy in nature, we use it to replenish the yin as well. Yin compared to yang, is the quality that is heavy and sticky. In […]


5 Questions about Modifying Classical Chinese Herbal Formulas

Each time I attempt to modify a formula, I think to myself, is this the correct way? Do I choose my modifying herbs based on the system that I am trained in, the newest research results of Chinese herbs (e.g. Coumarin containing herbs as anti-cancer herb) or the presenting pattern? Or all the above? Or […]


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