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Mentorship Program: Cash, Confidence & Connectedness                                 

The aim of this program is:

  • to prepare students and graduates for clinical practice and running a sustainable business, which creates a disposable income
  • to strengthen and unify the Chinese medicine industry in nourishing a spirit of sharing, connectedness and communication
  • to foster and encourage the individual to develop and apply their authentic style
  • to assist students and new graduates with individual questions
  • to encourage and inject our industry with new ideas and best practice


Qualities that a potential mentoree displays and embraces:

  • a strong commitment to unify clinical expertise with entrepreneurship
  • an outgoing nature
  • a commitment to put time into developing plans and structures
  • good communication skills
  • a strong desire to succeed


The mentorship program encompasses 5 elements:

  • Element 1: FOUNDATIONS – Vision, values and goals
  • Element 2: FRAMEWORK – Setting up business
  • Element 3: BRIDGE BUILDING – Collaboration and Marketing
  • Element 4: SYSTEMS – Practical Tools and Techniques
  • Element 5: REVIEW – Reflection and revision


The Safflower mentorship program includes the following features:

  • Monthly webinars (75 minutes)
  • Monthly one-on-one sessions (45 minutes)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Private LinkedIn group
  • 5 days boot camp at the Safflower Clinic in Newhaven


Costs: AU$ 89 per month (ongoing)




About Brigitte Linder

In the past 17 years, Brigitte has accumulated skills and expertise in running a Chinese medicine practice and dispensary. Her forte is in establishing a well-run and highly organized clinic and business. To be able to offer this program Australia wide, the main delivery is online with the opportunity to visit the clinic and gain practical insight o the day to day running of the clinic. The clinic is currently located in Newhaven on Phillip Island south-east of Melbourne.

This program aims at kick-starting new graduates into a successful practice and establishes them with practical skills, confidence and expertise in running a well-operated clinic. With a successful profession, we can establish an effective, well-acknowledged industry and community.

If you are interested, please complete this application form