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Happy Monkey Magic 2016

The Lunar New Year is coming up with the new moon February 9th, ushering in a year of the (male) Fire Monkey.[1] According to Tibetan Astrology a Monkey year is “extremely rich and holds many surprises—anything can happen. This is a year in which one must be cunning and seize new initiatives. All opportunities are […]


He Shou Wu and Liver Toxicity – True or False?

A recent death of a college graduate from eastern China after the ingestion of a hair tonic containing He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum) has justly created headlines. Apparently two Chinese hospitals prescribed and dispensed herbal formulas containing the popular herb for the treatment of premature hair greying and hair loss. He Shou Wu achieves its […]


Chinese medicine (TCM) is safe!

Unfortunately, Chinese herbal medicine has enticed negative attention when an article revealed that a multidisciplinary approach to assess the molecular content of 26 patents described found that 92% of their samples have some form of contamination and/or substitution. The research was funded through an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship awarded to MB and a National […]


Extract of Guidelines for Safe Chinese Herbal medicine practice

On November 16, 2015 the Chinese Medicine Board Australia has released the final guidelines for safe herbal dispensing. The aim of the guidelines is to provide recommendations to the most suitable nomenclature to be used on labels, greater consistency across the profession and the protection of the general public. Pin yin and herbal compendium for […]


SPORTS INJURIES – Better Results with INTEGRATIVE Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) THERAPY

Sport injuries are common with both hobby and professional sports enthusiasts. The worst case scenario is that they will prevent a career in sports. To ensure a fast recovery without much suffering of pain or loss of athletic performance is therefore the highest priority. Acute knee and ankle injuries (Fig. 1) are most common and […]


Important questions about the benefit of medical measures – Ben or Biao?

The following article was composed by Severin Buehlmann based on a professional development session conducted by Dr Johannes Schmidt in Zurich, Switzerland (April 2015). Severin Buehlmann is the founder of Complemedis and also a medical practitioner. He was one of the first Western doctors being trained in Chinese Medicine and was and still is a […]


Interview with Dr Karl Zippelius on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL Injury)

Dr Karl Zippelius runs a private medical clinic in Florence (Italy) since 1998. He specialises in traditional orthopedics and traumatology, where the basic approach of Western medicine is combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as natural procedures of diagnosis and treatment. The following conversation is on ACL injuries and is aimed at providing […]


Traditional Chinese Medicine for Yang Tonics

Yin-Yang is the generalization of the two opposite aspects of things or phenomena which are interrelated in the natural worlds. Yin and yang represent not only the two inter-opposite things or forces, but also the two intra-opposite aspects existing within one object [[1],[2]]. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) holds that the normal body metabolism is […]


Dysmenorrhea – Painful menstruation

Dysmenorrhea (Greek term, meaning “painful menstruation”, is a medical condition of excessive menstrual pain during menstruation that interferes with daily activities (Fig. 1, [[i]]). It does not include the common situation of mild discomfort or pain during normal menstruation. The menstrual pain of dysmenorrhea is often described as menstrual cramps, also including sharp, throbbing, dull, […]



Infertility is fundamentally the inability to conceive a baby, including the inability of a male to provide normal sperms and the state of a female who is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term [[1]]. The causes of infertility include specific male causes, specific female causes, combined and unexplained infertility (Fig. 2, [1]). On […]


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